Dobermann’s return

The time has come for… Halo Zero: ODST!

Head over to the  Dob’s Games forum to find out more!! 😀


Wrong e-mail address for sending mods!

I’m.. so embarrassed.. It appears that the e-mail address I put on the front page was incorrect with one letter. I’ve FINALLY fixed it now. I have no idea how or when this happened…

Anyway, if you have tried to submit a mod earlier but it’s not put up here yet, please re-submit it to

And once again, sorry.

Halo Zero: Evolved last tech demo released

Since Dobermann has been away for quite some time now, I decided I would just release the last tech demo that was created of Halo Zero: Evolved before its cancellation. The download is available for a limited time.

Please notice that Halo Zero: Evolved still is cancelled. This is the last you’ll ever see from it!

More info here



Still interested?

So, long time no see.

I have not been making any new mods or anything, neither have I received any mods from anyone.

So, my question is; Are you still interested in Halo Zero mods? Do you still want to play customized levels with the Halo Zero gameplay and its game objects? Or are you even interested in making a mod, but think the Level Development Tool is too buggy?

Please leave a comment to this post. Remember, it’s up to YOU to keep this site alive and active, so we need your opinion(s) now!


Lite version of Dev Tool

Just wanted to say that I added a Lite version of the dev tool without musics and without credits/menu background images (You can of course use your own musics and images). I added it mainly for people with slow internet connection. The Lite version uses about 8 megabytes less than the original, so there is a certain difference. 🙂

Note: The Lite version has got no changes/differences from the original one except for the lack of following music and menu/credits background images.

New mod – Arena Training

A new mod is uploaded! And.. it’s made by myself! (My first mod BTW, yay) This is the first HZ mod to have an intro and music running in background instead of in-game. It’s a very short mod, but what I want is to encourage people to make more mods sort of. You should check it out. 🙂

New theme

Well, as you can see I changed the theme. In my opinion it’s awesome! Many thanks to Andreas Viklund for creating this wordpress theme!

I’ve now also added a shoutbox (chatbox), feel free to drop a message =)

I will do some more updates on the sites tomorrow ;P