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FAQ: (I strongly recommend you to read everything here!)

Nr 1 important notice!:

In the Game properties of the devtool, do NOT use backspace to clear the box that says the number of levels! If you do, the devtool will freeze completely and might be pretty difficult to recover. Please just highlight the number that is already there, and enter the number of levels you want!

Q: How do I start making a level?

A: First open the Level Development Tool, then choose “Editor”, go to the “file” drop-down menu and choose “New”. Now you have to write in a name for the level, then you have to choose the mapset. Now you’re ready to make your level, it is very easy. Use the different drop-down menus to place out objects. Tiles marked as “solid” means you can walk on them. The tiles marked “not solid” are objects you can run straight through.

Q: How do I save a level?

A: The levels save automatically, just press “quit” in the file menu when you’re done.

Q: How can I get my mod up here?

A: Read the front page of this website for information.

Q: All the objects get mixed, placed and deleted randomly, what can I do to avoid this?

A: When you make levels and you’re going to delete objects, you must delete them in the right order. Which means that you have to delete the newest object first, then the second newest, and so on. Why is this happening? It is because of bad coding. So if you for example delete an object in the middle of the level, this bug happen. Confusing? If so, just do as follows: Make your levels carefully and do not edit the level!

Q: When I make a level using the “Reach” level set, all the tiles change into another tile set if I die and restart the level. What can I do?

A: This seems to be a bug. To avoid it, simply just make small levels where you’re not able to die, so the player won’t have to restart the level. It’s not really that dangerous that the tile set changes. Only thing is that you should not use the slopes, as its position is changing when the tile set is changed.

(If you have more questions, please visit THIS topic at the forum)


Using your own images on the menu and in the credits:

First locate the folder where the dev tool is (usually: program files/Dobermann/HZ Dev). Then open the “YourGame” folder, then the “Data” folder, then the “img” folder. Here you can delete or move away the existing images and put in your own ones. Remember the images must be named the same as the old images (“credits” and “menu”). Also, the images MUST be in the BMP format to be viewed. If you have your ready, but in another format, just right click the image file you want to use, choose “open in” and then “Paint”. Now in the “File” drop-down menu you can choose “Save as”. Here you can choose to save the image as 24 bit BMP. Do so. Also, for the images to use as less space as possible, the images should be in the resolution 500×350.

Using your own musics:

First of all, find or make some nice music. The music is probably usually saved as mp3, but in order to use the music in your mods you have to convert the music to Ogg. You should use dBpoweramp Music Converter for this purpose. You’ll also need the Ogg codec for this program called “Enhanced aoTuV Ogg Vorbis“. When you’ve installed this, all you need to do is to right click the music files you want to convert and choose “Convert to”. In the program you should choose “Converting to: ogg vorbis (aoTuV SSE3)”. This type of converting usually sound good even on the worst quality, however, you should experiment a little so the music won’t sound worse than the original, at least not much worse. Now, of course you must put the music in the “music” folder, also the music must of course be named the same as the ones already in the folder. The music files already there can just be deleted or moved.

Making an intro:

If you have a game making program which has the possibility to run executable files. First, create an intro, then at the end of the intro, set the program to run an executable file. At the same time you should also choose to close the intro. The file in the mod folder called “engine” is the one you should add. Both Multimedia Fusion and Game Maker has got this possibility. However, as not everybody can afford the full versions of these programs, I might make a small “intro maker” at some point…

“Skipping” levels:

In the “data” folder of your mod, there is a file called “settings”. Open this in Notepad and edit the number on the “save=x” line (where x is the level number). Now just press “Continue” on the main menu, and your starting on the next level.

Got any cool tips that are not here? Post it on the forum! 🙂

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