Dobermann’s return

The time has come for… Halo Zero: ODST!

Head over to the  Dob’s Games forum to find out more!! 😀


3 Responses to “Dobermann’s return”

  1. SPARTAN Says:

    cool! that rather than return doberman and a fantastic game: D, I hope it ends zero halo: ODST and future zero halo 2, hopefully add new vehicles such as:
    * scorpions
    * ghost
    * if possible, other more

    and also add new enemies as floods and brutes.

    also new weapons such as:
    spartan laser *
    * incendiary grenade
    * brute cannon
    * if possible, other more

    perhaps the gravity hammer.

    a new game mode for halo zero 2, have the opportunity to play with the Inquisitor.

    and to play online with more ease to connect to a server, multiplayer halo zero is more difficult to connect to servers, I’ve only played 2 times in multiplayer

    but they are only ideas for a good gaming experience and progress but this game:)

    woo I’m a fan of halo zero. = P

  2. Banana Says:


  3. E2E4 Says:

    reaper3369 & lovoboy17 DICK SUCKERS

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