Wrong e-mail address for sending mods!

I’m.. so embarrassed.. It appears that the e-mail address I put on the front page was incorrect with one letter. I’ve FINALLY fixed it now. I have no idea how or when this happened…

Anyway, if you have tried to submit a mod earlier but it’s not put up here yet, please re-submit it to HZmodsupport@gmail.com

And once again, sorry.


2 Responses to “Wrong e-mail address for sending mods!”

  1. Legend Says:

    Can’t find how to say something about mods, so i write my opinion here…

    Heretic your are suck_er!!! I’ll f_uck your mom in ass and mounth, fuc_ked

    What are fu_ck with 3 level in halo zero combat??? Enjoinable???? This is Masturbation!!!

    Think about my cum at breakfast…

  2. Legend Says:

    So i crack halo zero and finish level… Totally 5 min crack, 7 min playing

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