Halo Zero: Evolved last tech demo released

Since Dobermann has been away for quite some time now, I decided I would just release the last tech demo that was created of Halo Zero: Evolved before its cancellation. The download is available for a limited time.

Please notice that Halo Zero: Evolved still is cancelled. This is the last you’ll ever see from it!

More info here




9 Responses to “Halo Zero: Evolved last tech demo released”

  1. spartan Says:

    ok to begin would want to add questions that respond to me.
    *so that they do not do I haloodst?
    *they would remove I halozero 2?
    *when it leaves I halozero 2?
    *you would volveran to put I haul zero: evolves demo completes technology? (it is that it finds out recently to me that they put I halozero: it evolves and nonwise that was available the Link and gustaria to play to me I halozero: it evolves, it is that I am fanatical of I halozero and as soon as I am new in the page.
    *quisiera to know if they pondran the Link of I haul zero: it evolves again
    please they responadan, it would want juagr I haul zero 2 and I halozero: it evolves

    note: I halozero 2 and/or I haul zero evolves must to play in multiplayer

    *si would teach to me to create games as I haul zero ayudaria to create I haul odst

    they *podrian to put in I halozero3(if it is possible to be created in the future) that puda to choose itself to odst or ereje (elite)

  2. DPJ93 Says:

    Okay… I hardly understood anything of what you just said there, but if it is the download link you’re looking for, you’ll find a new one by going through the different pages. 😉

  3. SPARTAN Says:

    worse nonencounter the pages of where to find I halo zero: it evolves….I look for and I look for and nonencounter, podrias to say to me where there is a connection of unloading for I haul zero: it evolves.
    it is that as soon as finds out to me this forum and I saw that it was I haul zero: it evolves but I saw that no longer it was the unloading connection.
    if dijieras where to be able to obtain it to you agradeceria much to me

    note: use is almost not understood to me so that translator =P

  4. SPARTAN Says:

    ey help my HZ devtool is united when I open game propertie,

    i have windows vista home premium please helpme DPJ93

  5. DPJ93 Says:

    You would already be warned if you checked the “Help & Tips” section 😛

    You have to delete the dev tool, then you have to re-install it.

  6. SPARTAN Says:

    i know but when I return it to install passes the same to me
    that I do? please helpme dpj93

  7. BERNIE Says:

    HI 🙂

  8. ivan Says:

    how i can download halo zero 2 mirrors

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