Still interested?

So, long time no see.

I have not been making any new mods or anything, neither have I received any mods from anyone.

So, my question is; Are you still interested in Halo Zero mods? Do you still want to play customized levels with the Halo Zero gameplay and its game objects? Or are you even interested in making a mod, but think the Level Development Tool is too buggy?

Please leave a comment to this post. Remember, it’s up to YOU to keep this site alive and active, so we need your opinion(s) now!



9 Responses to “Still interested?”

  1. Blitzkrieg Says:

    I don’t play HZ nor it’s mods too often now… Rarely, if you ask me. But I would’ve played some new HZ mods.

  2. DPJ93 Says:

    Noted, thanks. But you’re not interested in making mods anymore, are you?

  3. Blitzkrieg Says:

    Nah, no. Recently I tried to make one, with complex levels and very small places player can go through. Then I discovered another bug…Player could not move crouched through the places even if they were a bit higher than height of Master Chief sprite.

  4. Frontlineartist Says:

    Well i’ve only had for a day or two now and it doesn’t extend the relm of a funny little desktop game and the map editor’s bugs get annoying which puts you off useing it for a wile. Although this site needs to stay even as just a single i’d be lost without the ‘HELP & TIPS’ on this site as the read me file isun’t the best, (this mite be going off topic) i don’t know what the visting numbers of this site is but the download sites the game from clamed in the week 20 people downloaded HZ and 10 for the map editor so people are out there useing the game their just not talking.

    Also why dosen’t anyone fix it or make a new version? anyone a programing student? i mean look at quake 3 the game which has been redone as quake live by the fans within it’s company, someone (and a crack team of halo fans) should pick up were the french left it.

  5. DPJ93 Says:

    Thanks for your opinions! Glad you wrote some more extended. 🙂

    About trying to hack the game.. I don’t know anyone who knows how to hack MMF games… Anyway, since the level editor is an app seperate from the rest of the dev tool, you can make a new bug-free level editor. All you need to do is to figure out the codes in the levels.. Open the level files in Notepad and see for yourself.. =)

  6. DarkSonic Says:

    The level editor has very few features. No real marines, no warthogs, no vehicles etc. etc.. Upgrade it please

  7. mrhzmod Says:

    Sorry but, I can’t do anything with it as it’s not my game, nor my level editor. Also, the level editor is rather old and is not planned to be updated on.

  8. DarkSonic Says:

    Aw…. I liked Halo Zero since it was the only halo game i could play My PC is too old. Ah well, I thought right that Dobermann dumped it?

  9. kenshi Says:

    i want know if i can put an intro in the modificated games,

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