New theme

Well, as you can see I changed the theme. In my opinion it’s awesome! Many thanks to Andreas Viklund for creating this wordpress theme!

I’ve now also added a shoutbox (chatbox), feel free to drop a message =)

I will do some more updates on the sites tomorrow ;P


5 Responses to “New theme”

  1. Juan Diaz Says:

    UMM… I made my game…did everything you’re suppised to do…and sorry but I couldn’t find anyone to help. I’m new to this and don’t know how to work it. When I press “launch Game” it starts the menu but when I press “new game” or “continue” nothing if you could explain if the problem is my ignorance lol or something else. please

  2. mrhzmod Says:

    You have to set the game properties.

    In the Dev Tool menu, press “Game Properties”, enter your nickname, the game’s name, and enter the number of levels you want in of the ones you’ve created (Highlight the number that is already there, then enter the number), now click on “Levels List” and enter the name of the level(s) you want in. If you don’t remember what your levels were called, just go to the folder where the dev tool is, open the “YourGame” folder and then the “map” folder. Here you see the names of your levels (plus some extra sample levels).

    Have fun making mods! 🙂

  3. Juan Diaz Says:

    Allright, Got it, thanks.

  4. Julio Says:

    Hey umm i wanna know how to put the weapons in and The levels becuz im new to halo zero and its fun but i wanna make a Mod

  5. DPJ93 (HZ King) Says:

    Could you please explain your problem more carefully? Have you read the Frequently Asked Questions?

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