Biohazard Software moved to new site and domain!

So. Biohazard Software (earlier known as Dobermann Software) has moved to 🙂

The old site is still available for a little while, but will not be updated anymore.

So, what’s new? There is a new beta version of Halo Zero 2 available for download. Also, please register on the forum and start saying your suggestions to Halo Zero 2! 😀 Actually, the name might be changed to something else.. Tell your suggestions!



3 Responses to “Biohazard Software moved to new site and domain!”

  1. chris Says:

    wtf link isnt working

  2. mrhzmod Says:

    That’s because Dobermann closed it down. He got a huge unexpected bill, so he gave up. The site closed down 31st May.

    If you’re interested in Dobermann’s game creations you can go to
    There you will find all of Dobermann’s game creations. Remember though that it’s an unofficial forum.

  3. Micki Says:

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