Yay! Finally a website where you can find modifications for Halo Zero 😉 The site is constantly in development so you might see changes from time to time. But the modifications are there 😀 Have a look! And if you’re jealous on the people who made those mods you might not be so jealous anymore when you download the HZ dev tool which is VERY easy to use 🙂

The Level Development Tool was created by Dobermann (the creator of Halo Zero) and can be downloaded here:

Download (16.4 mb)

New link

(Please notice that the HZ Developing Tool is old and was created back in 2006!)


2 Responses to “Welcome!”

  1. Halo 117 Says:

    Your Site Rocks HZ King!
    The HZ Mods Are awsome!

  2. mrhzmod Says:

    Thanks for that ^^

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