On this website you will find lots of mods created using the Halo Zero Level Development Tool.

The Halo Zero Level Development Tool (shortened to HZ devtool) is a level editor created by Dobermann back in 2006, that allows you to make levels like in Halo Zero. However, the HZ devtool is quite bugged and you might experience problems with it. Please go to the “Help & Tips” page for more information. 🙂

Halo Zero Level Development Tool 1.01 downloads:

(~16.2 megabytes)

[Mirror 1] [Mirror 2] – With installer

[Mirror 1] [Mirror 2] – Zipped

Halo Zero Level Development Tool 1.01 Lite downloads:

(~8.6 megabytes)

[Mirror 1] [Mirror 2] – Zipped

Note: The Lite version is exactly the same dev tool. No changes at all! Only difference is that the music and the menu/credits images are taken away and replaced with a ReadMe note. The Lite version is mainly meant for people who’s got slow internet, but also for people who know they want to customize the musics and the menu and credits images themselves and who just wants to download this quickly. Don’t hesitate to ask for help if you need any!

Want to submit your Halo Zero mod here? All you need to do is this:

Zip———> Send———> Wait

1. Locate the folder where the dev tool is. Then open the folder “YourGame”. You will now see a .bat file called “LaunchYourGame”. Make sure everything works as it’s supposed to. If something’s wrong and you don’t know how to fix it, please go to the “Help & Tips” page. If everything works as it’s supposed to, please zip the “YourGame” folder. If you don’t already have a zip program on your computer, you should download FilZip. Now, when you right click on the folder “YourGame”, you should see a section called “FilZip”, when you hold the mouse pointer over the text you should press “Add to “YourGame.zip”.

2. Now. You probably have an e-mail account somewhere. Log in to your e-mail account and choose to write a new e-mail. Above the typing area there should be a button called something like “Add file”, or “Add Attachement”. Now locate the folder that you zipped, and add it. In the e-mail, please write your nickname and if you have a website you could write the address to it so it can be added to your nickname under who made the mod.

Mods should be sent to: HZmodssupport@gmail.com HZmodsupport@gmail.com

3. Now you just have to wait for your mod to be submitted to the website. I will test the mod and review it. And if you have added customized music and it use too much space, I can convert it to a reasonable quality and size. Alternatively you can send me a link if you’ve already uploaded your mod to somewhere.

NOTE: It may take several days for your mod to be submitted, please be patient!

Don’t forget to follow the News page from time to time. =) Also, I strongly recommend you to take a look at the “Help & Tips” section before you make your mod.


If you are looking for the Halo Zero 2/Halo Zero: Second Mission/Halo Zero: Evolved betas or others of Dobermann’s game creations, please visit the Dob’s Games forum